Judge a Book by the Cover

Anyone in the publishing industry will tell you the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by the cover,” may be trite – it’s probably even true – but the fact is consumers do it all the time.  Evocative, engaging cover art will determine whether people pick it up and read the back cover or if it sits unnoticed among the thousands of volumes currently bowing the shelves of the local Barnes and Noble. Bad cover art can ruin a book’s chances before it even hits the stands.

While I’m sure every publishing house is aware of the vital role cover art plays in the sale of a book, many of the big five seem all too content to slap a dismal cover on a paperback novel. I’m not sure if the publishers are lazy or if a deep-seeded bias against ‘popular fiction’ is causing them to actively sabotage the sale of what they consider ‘entertainment for the masses’. Bean Science Fiction has such a reputation for bad covers that the issue seems to have come full circle. Their corny computer generated covers proudly mock the scifi covers of yesteryear. Maybe the problem is a lack of good artists. Whatever the reason, more than one hapless author has gazed in ire at the hackneyed cover art forced on them by a major publishing house.

With this in mind, I am proud to show off the cover art for my upcoming title: Noble Man.

Thumbnail=Noble Man 5.5x8.5 Front Cover1 (300 dpi)It was created by the ever patient and super talented Marian Koster. Without her the art for Noble Man would no doubt have ended up in the ranks with so many other hastily thrown together thriller novels that go unnoticed by shoppers. Marian has been instrumental in bringing my vision for the first Jake Noble adventure to life. Thanks Marian!


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