A review of Noble Man by the author of homesteadandprepper blog

I got a glowing review from Anthony over at Homestead and Prepper. This is a repost from his blog.

“One Hell of a Ride!”

Noble Man is a fast paced thriller about a covert operative sent to the Philippines for one last mission. A diplomat’s daughter is missing and Jake Noble has no choice but to find her and bring her home. Noble’s troubles mount as he gets closer to the truth and the only thing more enjoyable than his clever response to each new problem is the book’s final showdown. Let’s just say this book ends with the type of cathartic gun battle you would normally expect from Hollywood blockbuster.

The lead character is a likable, complicated, real life hero, not a comic book superhero. Here is a good guy that pays homage to the hard boiled detectives of the 40’s and 50’s. Miller’s world leaves no room for whining, effeminate men who want to talk about their feelings. Jake Noble has no problem slapping a bad guy around for information that will save lives. This is a hero that would make the mythical Mike Hammer and Philip Marlow proud.

Miller has a keen eye for detail as well. He paints a vivid picture with his words and makes you feel like you are watching a movie instead of reading a book. He also obviously knows his way around firearms. You won’t find the heroes using ‘clips’ when they should be using magazines. Noble uses real life techniques against the bad guys. You might learn a thing or two about tradecraft reading Noble Man!

This book takes an unflinching look into the dark heart of human trafficking. It grabs hold and doesn’t let go until the very last page. It is a must read for fans of military fiction. Best of all, a portion of the profits are donated to the fight against sexual slavery. Pick up a copy today!

Thumbnail=Noble Man 5.5x8.5 Front Cover1 (300 dpi)

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