And the Winner is…

This post is a little late. I’ve been putting in a lot of hours lately, both writing and at my hourly. That’s right, I’ve still got a job despite all my literary genius (Sarcasm).

For those who missed it; two months ago I introduced a contest for a free KindleFire HD8 with the promise that I would enter everyone who gave me a review into a drawing. Well, the results are in. After weeding out all the names of people who emailed me without actually leaving a review (sneaky turds!), I put everyone’s name in a hat.

First a big thank you to everyone that read and reviewed Noble Man. You guys rock! It really warmed my heart to find out just how many of you are already Delight Games fans. For those interested, I’m working on Pirates vol 2 right now. I was touched by all the personal emails from fans. It encourages me and keeps me going when I start to feel like I’m speaking into a vacuum.

Without further ado, the winner is Matthew DeGier!

That’s right, Matt, you won a Kindle Fire. Only, you forgot to put your mailing address in your email. I don’t know where to send your prize. So do me a favor and send me that mailing address right away.

Some of you might be asking why I didn’t make a video. Good question. The answer is that I pulled poor Matt’s name out of a hat and then proceeded to mangle his last name. Sorry Matt, I have no idea how to pronounce it. It was rather funny watching me trip over it, though. I might post the vid here just for laughs.

Anyway, Matt what’s your address buddy?

One thought on “And the Winner is…

  1. First of all: congratulations Matthew!
    @ William Miller: I’m so happy about Pirates Vol2, you made my day 🙂 Can’t wait to read it!


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