Fan Mail

I received an amazing piece of fan mail today. Well, all fan mail is amazing, but this one in particular touched my heart. This guy puts his life on the line everyday to keep our country safe. He is a true hero and he took the time from his schedule to write me. I’m going to post parts of his letter here.


“Hello William,

You wrote one hell of a book. I can’t start to review it without saying what a hard time I had getting through the first few chapters: they were so full of suspense and packed with intensity that it was almost too visceral an experience for me.

Given my profession in the Air Force (loved your mentionining of SIGINT) it was honestly rough. The guys I interact with daily and the stories that I have to read and explore daily really resonated with me, and thinking of the sacrifices my brothers and sisters in arms make daily to do some of the hardest, most sacrificial work ever – often without recognition – weighed on me tons. I’m in a critically manned and one of the more stressful AFSCs that have us helping out doorkickers worldwide and your intimate knowledge of that, for me, made it all a very real experience for me, so much so that I would have to put my tablet down to take a breather.

Eventually though, I could push through the incredible ride, and wow, what a ride it was. Transitioning through the book was almost like watching a movie, I know that sounds hackneyed, but the pacing was perfect. Every character you drew up for this masterpiece seemed real in every sense, and you have a gift for walking in the shoes of many different people and displaying their lives as if you’ve lived them – from the mistress who had a clean life stolen from her to the hardened veteran to the crime lord with marital issues.

Thanks for sharing your art with me, and I’ll be looking forward to all your future works. Shit gets hectic in the SIGINT world. Take care, Hooah!”

What a powerful review! I’m so honored to have a true hero give me such high praise. I edited a few personal details out of his message, but this email really humbled me. I’m blown away. I’m so happy that I could provide some entertainment and stress relief to the people fighting for our freedom.
Thank you, Alexander Rodgers for your courage, your sacrifices and your commitment. Hooah!
You can touch base with Alexander on Twitter @astrological_al Please follow him to show your support for our military.

2 thoughts on “Fan Mail

  1. I’m reading the second Noble book as I write this. I love reading military style action novels and have read as many as I can at night on the back porch with the dog and a good cigar. It’s my nightly ritual. I have to say your writing is right up there with the best of them. I was born and raised in St. Pete and love seeing references to the town I love and grew up in, and still live in. As a matter of fact I was born at St. Anthonys that you mentioned in the first book. I am an Army vet, and also love playing my guitars. I’m out on the rock climbing though.😊 Keep up the great work and I look forward to the third book.


    • Hi Mike, Thanks for reading! I almost missed this comment as I’ve moved most of my content over to Nice to meet a fellow native. I was born in Saint pete General! Book three in on the way. Hope to have it out by Christmas, Lord willing.


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