Orwellian Censorship by NY Publishing

Having trouble getting anyone in the publishing world to read over your manuscript? The problem may have nothing to do with your writing and everything to do with your politics.

It is no surprise to those of us in the quiet community of conservative/libertarian authors, that publishing houses have been clandestinely censoring literature. Now, in an expose, the Chicago Tribune of all sources, tears the lid off the Orwellian tactics used by the Big 5.


The article reveals the use of “sensitivity readers” by New York Publishing houses to ensure there is no offensive material in their books. As if the high-brow literary drivel the Big 5 put out wasn’t boring enough, they have added another layer of thought police security to make sure that everything they publish is bland, anesthetized garbage of the highest caliber. The literary snobs in their ivory towers are no longer content to bore you with weepy, progressive, character driven twaddle. Now they must make certain that twaddle also doubles as a safe-space for their easily triggered readership. God forbid literature actually force readers to face uncomfortable cultural truths.

I’ve been decrying the censorship of NY publishing houses for decades. Trying to publish Noble Man was a painful lesson in censorship. Every agent I sent it to said they really liked it, but they would only represent me if I agreed to strip out any mention of faith or religion from the book.

Take a walk through any book store and the liberal bias of the publishing houses should be immediately clear. The vast majority of books published every year, somewhere around 80%, have a strong progressive slant. There will be people that refute those numbers, stating the dollar figure conservative authors like Brad Thor, Glenn Beck and Brad Taylor make from their books, but that doesn’t change the fact that their books are a drop in the proverbial ocean of liberal ideology on the shelves of your local bookstore. What it does prove is that publishers are so committed to their ideology they would rather loose money than publish any material that disagrees with their world view.


Set aside the fact that traditional publishers are hemorrhaging cash, now they have doubled down on their socialist agenda and instituted “sensitivity readers” to make sure nothing even remotely controversial gets printed.

I seem to recall a book I read in high school about a totalitarian state where all information was controlled by a fascist government. The main character’s job was to review new articles and books to make sure everything printed was state approved. This book was famous once upon a time, back when Americans still believed in self rule and didn’t put up with anyone telling them what to do or think. Back when American’s still had balls. Then the SJW’s arrived on the scene.

The fake news is quick to point fingers at conservatives with a cry of NAZI, but the real fascists are the violent SJW, the news outlets and the publishing houses who believe that censorship is a justified means to their own ends. Dark times, my friends. Dark times. Thankfully, I have one of these…


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